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Get to know #20 Joshua Holsey

Redskins Salute: Tell us a little bit about your family’s background in the military.

Joshua Holsey: I have a big military family. My mom, dad and granddad were all in the Army. My dad is still in the Army now.


RS: How was your experience at the Playfield in the Park event?

JH: It was good to see the soldiers out there and all the people who came to give back, it was a wonderful thing. I liked the gun show that they did with flipping the guns, it looks like it was hard work and a lot of practice. It was cool because I had never seen anything like that before.


RS: What was it like to have the military members out to watch OTA’s?

JH: It was good, they have busy days. My dad has busy days and he is always busy from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM so it was great for these guests to come out and watch practice. It was also good for us to interact with them. I stopped and said hi to them all so it was a great part of the day.