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7 things we have learned about Joshua Holsey

via Contributing Writer C.J. Holmes

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He finds inspiration through his father

Back in 2004, Holsey’s father -- an Army Staff Sgt. -- was in Iraq when his convoy was hit by an IED. The accident left his leg severely injured and required amputation.

However, Holsey’s father didn’t let his injury define him. Despite the amputation, his attitude on life left a great impression on Holsey, which motivated him to return to football after two ACL surgeries.

“If he would have quit back then, then I probably would have had the urge to just quit now,” Holsey told “I would have had the urge to quit the first ACL, the second ACL. Adversity kind of brings out the best in somebody. You kind of know what’s in you when you’re at your lowest moment. I just know I have a lot of fight in me, a lot of courage in me, and I probably get that from him.

“You got to have determination and a passion about yourself to work on getting better and keep going and not to quit no matter what. That kind of carried over with me when I had my two injuries and everything I go through. That mindset just carried over, you can’t quit you have to push through. The mindset is different over there so I think I inherited his mindset.”