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USMC Female Infantry Officer

A female maine has passed the grueling 13 week Infantry Officer Course at Quantico and has become the first woman in the marine Corps to earn the 0320 infantry officer military occupational specialty. 36 other females have attempted the course since 2012, wjhen the course was opened to them on an experiential basis. Applicants find the physical endurance portion, which tests candidate's mental and physical toughness, very challenging. According to the marines, about 10% of the class fails the first day.

The marine has requested she ramin anonymous, stating that she wanted to take the "quiet and professional route." She graduated with a  class of 88 on September 25 in a private ceremony for just families of graduates. Their class started with 131 candidates, giving the course a 67% graduation rate.

"I am proud of this offecer and those in her class who have earned the infantry officer MOS,' Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert Neller said in a statement.

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