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How the Navy Is Getting Ready to Feed Thousands of Sailors On Thanksgiving

The United States Navy has quite a task ahead of them as they begin to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for thousands of sailors stationed around the world. The Naval Supply Systems Command, or NAVSUP, is responsible for providing supplies, services, and quality of life support to the Navy. Every November, they are tasked with preparing the Thanksgiving feast.

“Every Thanksgiving our culinary specialists take on the huge task of feeding our Sailors, and every year they succeed,” said NAVSUP Director of Navy Food Service Cmdr. Scott Wilson.

This year, they plan on dishing out about 9,000 lbs. of shrimp cocktail to start. The main course will consist of 89,350 lbs. of turkey and 24,430 lbs. of ham. On the side, sailors will find 18,000 lbs. of sweet potatoes, 31,304 lbs. of mashed potatoes, 17,200 lbs. of stuffing, 8,000 lbs. of green bean casserole, 7,200 lbs. of corn on the cob, and 6,100 lbs. of cranberry sauce, all drenched in about 1,800 gallons of gravy. Don’t forget about dessert: about 5,800 pies per galley.

Washington fans stationed around the world can enjoy their meal while they watch the Redskins take on the Giants at 8:30 pm EST. HTTR!