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6-year-old helps homeless veterans


Via the Baltimore Sun


You are never too young to help someone in need

Tyler Stallings is only 6 years old, but has already made a difference in hundreds of veterans’ lives. Being a son, nephew, and grandson of veterans, his mother has always told him how much those in the service give to our country. After seeing a YouTube video about homeless veterans, Tyler wanted to give back. His first idea was build a home for the homeless, but after talking it over with his mom, they decided there were more realistic ways to help those in need.

Tyler started out visiting elderly veterans in the Armed Forces Retirement home in Washington, DC. At age 4, he raised money to donate hundreds of hygiene and grooming products to those living at the home. He has started creating what he calls Hero Bags: backpacks filled with essentials for those without homes. In the colder weather, these packs include things like gloves and hand warmers and in the warmer months, things like t-shirts will be included.

Since the beginning of his philanthropic efforts, Tyler has given out around 500 Hero Packs to those in need. His projects are funded through donations and proceeds from his company, Kid Time Enterprises, which he is the honorary CEO. To learn more about Tyler or to make a donation visit